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Andrew Wapinski

Andrew Wapinksi is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA.  He obtained a bachelor’s degree with a major in painting and a minor in art history from Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA.  He was part a of a graduate studies program through Syracuse University that included a traveling seminar in Italy.  He also received an M.F.A. in painting at the University of Delaware.

Wapinksi has been part of several group and solo shows throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania and in 2008 received the Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for Established Artist in Painting.  In 2010, he had a solo exhibition at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art in Wilmington, DE.

Constructed Environments

My work visually addresses the ongoing tension that exists between man and nature. I explore the perpetual cycle of give and take between the two. Each exchange presents a path for discovery - an evolving environment bound by our interpretations of material and immaterial, physical and metaphysical, light and dark. Within this environment I am interested in struggle, process, narrative and history. 

The image, composition, and forms in these paintings are initiated by the melting of colored ice. The melted ice establishes a foundation to open a dialogue between natural process and personal interaction. I build upon and organize these natural forms through additive and reductive layers of material which allows me to create a narrative among differing elements and address ongoing cycles of evolution and decay

These paintings are a reflection of how we explore, interpret and interact with the biological world. How we repurpose and give significance to organic material through specific intention, how we mimic and interact with natural process, how we organize and construct environments and, how nature deconstructs, reclaims and distorts these environments and their significance through the passage of time.

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