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Anne Manley

A graduate of Towson University with a degree in Visual Communications and Graphic design, Anne Manley has spent the last ten years pursuing a career as a fine artist. Getting her early start in photography and graphic design, Ms. Manley’s emergence as a strong and thoughtful painter has recently earned her much notice and acclaim in the Baltimore/Washington area. In 2005, Ms. Manley had a string of very successful shows including group shows at Results/Capitol Hill (Washington, DC) and Gallery plan b (Washington, DC), and one woman shows at the Colonnade (Baltimore, MD) and Grand Cru (Baltimore, MD). The success of these shows led Ms. Manley, in the fall of 2005, to make the decision to paint full time, a move she had desired to make for the last several years. This decision has been rewarded by multiple requests for commission pieces by new patrons, and has allowed her to work on increasing her overall body of work for upcoming shows.

Her technical knowledge of painting has allowed Ms. Manley to graduate from more literal work to her signature, large format, contemporary landscapes, which have been most recently likened to the works of Rothko and Turner. Her work ranges from serene to stormy, and from bright to brooding. The emotion captured by Ms. Manley on the canvas, and her deep interest in the emotion it creates in those who view her work, make her a truly engaging painter and person. Asked about her own work, Ms. Manley has the following to say:

“My source of inspiration comes from the wide open spaces of land, water and the sky above. My focus is on the fine line that separates these elements, but also makes them one. Earlier in my career, I was drawn to photography. The precise technical detail that I could achieve through this medium excited me, however, within the last several years, I’ve come to realize the emotional connection that I feel toward painting. My paintings reflect a calm, quiet and spiritual place where the light and shadows take on new formations. As an artist, I feel it is important to give the observer a glimpse into the artistic process; to let them see the layers through which it was created. I like my paintings to speak for themselves, giving each viewer a unique experience with them.”

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