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David Young

David Young was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. His love of nature was nurtured as a young boy during long southern summers spent wading in neighborhood creeks. During his high school years, these explorations took him even further from home as he traveled to state and national parks for camping trips. Upon graduation from high school, he attended Duke University for two years before transferring to the University of Vermont, where he enrolled in the Environmental Studies program. During his years in Vermont, he served as an environmental studies teaching assistant and volunteered for several environmental advocacy groups.

Then wanderlust took hold and he traveled to the West Coast, eventually settling in the San Francisco Bay area for a year. However, his roots in the east proved too strong to sever, so he pulled up stakes and moved to New York City. Trading forests and streams for the concrete jungle proved to be a surprisingly easy transition. For fifteen years he worked in audio-visual production and public relations. But nature’s pull was felt once more and for the past twelve years he has worked as a landscape gardener, creating urban oases in the city and serving as groundskeeper for a private residence in New Jersey. His eye for detail has served him well when creating and maintaining gardens. And for the past few years he has further trained and sharpened his eye in a new arena, by working as a freelance proofreader and copyeditor for literary publishers.

All of these various threads were woven together when he began experimenting with digital photography in 2005. The immediate feedback provided by this technology catapulted him to a new level as a photographer, giving him free rein to experiment and explore. And the recurring theme of nature has taken center stage once more, as he returns to many of the forests and streams of his youth, this time with camera in hand. You might say the prodigal son has waded home.

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