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Michael Curry

Putting a modern spin on the ancient art of mosaics, Michael Curry creates one of a kind glass wall sculptures for design teams, commercial settings, and private homes. He has devised innovative, three dimensional techniques to accentuate the dramatic interaction between glass and light. These hand cut mosaics offer hypnotic appeal as they create a sense of movement, melding both color and shape.

Originally from the Chicago area, Michael received his Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University, beginning his career in the theatre arena. After years of performing on Broadway, he expanded his creative horizons by studying with New York City glass artists Tommy Giambusso and Valerie Carmet.

Michael’s solo exhibitions include Projection in 2007, Triptych in 2008, and Eye Candy in 2009 at Club H in Manhattan. Currently, he exhibits at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show at Pier 94 in New York City each spring. A member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), he has been a featured artist in Architectural Digest and Glass Craftsman. In his New York City studio, Michael continues to explore the fascinating world of glass.

“As a child I was given a set of colored plexi-glass interlocking blocks. I would sit and play with them for hours, holding them up to the light, hypnotized by the way in which the shapes and colors could blend and morph. The way I work today is really much the same. I love experimenting and finding new and interesting ways to make my materials come to life, such as turning glass on it’s side, playing with canvas shape, stacking glass, and incorporating lighting. It brings me great joy to see someone looking at one of my pieces in that same hypnotized way I used to look at my colored blocks.”

Below is a sampling of some of Michael Curry’s work. Additional images and video can be viewed on his Website at www.MichaelCurryMosaics.com

Fractile Collection: Pixels Fractile Collection: Sierpinski-ish Metamorphamirror
Iridescent Weave Meld Squares Gold Squares